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TMA Laser Group Recycling Program
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More than 500 million OEM toner and inkjet cartridges are manufactured every year. If these cartridges are not diverted from our landfills, this equates to almost 1,000 tons of unnecessary pollution that can enter our waste stream every day. In addition to this potential waste, more than three quarts of oil are consumed during the manufacturing of every OEM cartridge. This equates to more than 375,000,000 gallons of oil consumed every year to make toner and inkjet cartridges. Even worse than these staggering atrocities is that many cartridges end up in cities like Guiyu, China where they are incinerated or dissolved with hazardous chemicals to extract residual metals. These processes contaminate the local air, soil and groundwater.

At TMA Laser Group, we believe that we can have a significant positive impact on the environment. Our new unique toner, ink and cell phone recycling program will benefit you, and the environment. Make recycling part of the way your company does business. Just contact your sales representative or email us at
  • Zero cost to you and no handling required!
  • We collect a wide variety of empty ink and toner cartridges, fusers, used cell phones and small electronic devices.
  • Provides a value-add program and environmental service to your company and to your customers.
  • Participation is FREE
  • Customized recycling solutions
  • Free recycling boxes with PRE-PAID UPS shipping labels provided
What is our Recycling Program?
Our Recycling program is a laser and inkjet cartridge and cell phone recycling program. This program is designed primarily for the collection of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges and previously used cell phones.

Which Cartridges & Phones Do You Collect?
We collect a variety of laser/inkjet printer, fax, and multi-function cartridges, fusers, and cell phones. Items that cannot be remanufactured are disposed of properly.

How Should I Package The Items I Am Returning?
A cartridge's original packaging is always the best way to protect the cartridges during shipping. Inkjet cartridges or cell phones can be placed in the original boxes and placed in our shipping cartons. Toner cartridges in their original boxes can also be placed in our recycling boxes. If the original boxes are not available, use bubble-wrap, newspaper, or other suitable packing material to protect the cartridges. We will not pay for broken or damaged products.

In addition to our recycling program we are proud to offer additional recycling services for your spent and/or surplus imaging supplies. Below are links to many companies that will buy your empty cartridges and either pay you or the proceeds go to various charities!

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